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My vision is to save at least one million lives each year

Allen (Ali) Mohammadi CEO and Co-founder of Hippogriff start-up, Master’s in Energy Technologies

Allen (Ali) Mohammadi CEO and Co-founder of Hippogriff start-up


Master’s in Energy Technologies

Uppsala University


MSc ENTECH graduate Allen Mohammadi has already started making his mark in the world. His 2016 EIT CHANGE award winning innovation in heart disease detection landed him a spot on Forbes “30 under 30” list – and this is only the beginning. Allen shows us what passion and determination really looks like.


Why did you choose the MSc ENTECH programme?
There were several other options in other countries – but what made me choose this programme was the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” module. Because I believe these important skills are truly valuable in today’s world – the two main pillars to build a better and more sustainable world.
Why are you interested in sustainable energy? Do you have any particular passion within this field?
My greatest motivation in life is my passion to create positive impact on the world around me. There is already undeniable evidence that humans, animals and plants are being affected by climate change and global warming. This is directly related to industrialization and human activities. Unless greenhouse gas emissions are severely reduced, all species will face enormous risks and complications in the near future. Therefore, implementing sustainable energy solutions are the key to meet today’s demand of energy – without putting the next generation of humans and animals in danger.
How did you find the integration of business and entrepreneurship in the programme?
For me, the most valuable part was the integration of business and entrepreneurship courses and skills within. In other words, effective and valuable courses through InnoEnergy Master School broadened my horizons by enabling me to see the “Big Picture” while enhancing my innovative thinking.
What would, in your opinion, be the main benefit of doing an InnoEnergy Master’s Programme?
Integration of business, innovation and entrepreneurship. Mobility. InnoEnergy Community and building that important network that will help you succeed.
Tell us a bit about your company…
My brother Max and I have co-founded Heartstring (also known as Complex Disease Detector), after our grandmother died suddenly of a heart attack. She had no signs or symptoms. So I was thinking, what if we could have detected the disease earlier and saved her life? Heartstring is an innovative technology based on Artificial Intelligence, which helps to detect heart disease at a significantly earlier stage – even before the patient has any symptoms. It has been tested on more than 700 individuals successfully. Heart disease is still the number 1 killer around the world. My vision is to save at least 1 million lives each year.
How did your programme help to prepare you for what you’re doing today?
InnoEnergy has had a remarkable effect on improving my professional skills and gaining valuable knowledge within business and innovation. Moreover, InnoEnergy supported me by promoting my success after winning prestigious awards such as the 2016 EIT CHANGE award and then a spot on Forbes “30 under 30” list. For me, the celebration wasn’t about winning just a competition or being on a prestigious list, but it was the celebration of hard work. I believe that winning isn’t about getting ahead of others. It’s getting ahead of yourself and becoming a better version of you!
What would you like to say to a student interested in taking an InnoEnergy Master’s programme?
Get engaged within the InnoEnergy Community activities. Start building that network right away.
Any final thoughts you’d like to share?
We need to maximize our impact. Be sustainable. By improving knowledge and industry expertise within the sustainable energy field, we can build a more sustainable future for our next generation. Because I believe that the earth is not inherited to just us, but to our children and the next generation also. We owe them that!