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I found my passion through the programme

Joanna Skowrońska, Deloitte, Master's in Energy for Smart Cities

Joanna Skowrońska, Deloitte


Master's in Energy for Smart Cities

TU/e: Eindhoven University of Technology


MSc Energy for Smart Cities graduate, Joanna Skowrońska has had an amazing ride during her two years in the programme. She’s not only grown her technical knowledge – she’s had the kind of incredible experiences that truly changes a person for the better. And along the way, she’s found her passion in the field of renewable energy.


Why did you choose the MSc Energy for Smart Cities programme?
I knew that attending these top-ranked universities and the study situations they would offer me would give me opportunities that I would not be able to explore at my home university. I wanted a more diverse, international community – which I was a part of through their mobility concept, allowing me to study in Stockholm, Grenoble and Barcelona. I believe these new experiences form us and let us learn a lot about ourselves. This is just as important as the technical knowledge!
Why are you interested in sustainable energy? Do you have any specific passion within this field?
I have to admit that I did not really have a real passion for sustainable energy before I started my education with InnoEnergy, and I quickly realised that my awareness of the environmental issues was on a very basic level. Thanks to this experience and the people I met, I was able to develop a much more structured view on how to address these challenges within the field of energy engineering – and hope to contribute to introducing many changes in my country that will help us move away from coal and have a stable energy supply. So I actually found my passion through the programme.
How do you believe your 2 years at InnoEnergy have contributed to where you are now in your professional career?
I am quite sure they were a major factor. The international experience and knowledge I gained in Smart Cities solutions were very much valued in the selection process for the position in which I am now. I am an Intern at Deloitte Consulting in the dept. of Energy & Resources – a great position that allows me to use my field of expertise! I work on projects of a very diverse scope, varying from regulation implementations, through market research and operational evaluation.
What would, in your opinion, be the main benefit of doing an InnoEnergy Master’s Programme?
Aside from the obvious opportunities that come from being a part of this wide-reaching community is the experience itself. Yes, you will get that solid technical education that you need – but also the personal growth from the experience is something that can’t be learned from a textbook. How to speak out and give your opinion. How to critically examine a challenge to find the proper solution. And most of all how to tap into the network and find the answers – or support – that you seek.
What kind of students do you believe would thrive in a programme such as the one you participated in?
Open and willing to experience different things. Those who are not afraid of a quickly changing environment. They do not have to be particularly driven to change the world and contribute, I wasn’t… But I am now 🙂 and InnoEnergy supplied me with quite a few tools to do so. I strongly value the experiences I have had during the past two years. The chance to study abroad, practice languages, meet a bunch of amazing people in the InnoEnergy network and beyond, explore different countries and cultures and travel and just basically test myself in every way possible. I would happily do it again and recommend it for everyone!