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InnoEnergy Master´s School graduates will be a strong force in the marketplace

Rafael Solís Hernández - EDP Renewables, Master’s in Renewable Energy

Rafael Solís Hernández - EDP Renewables


Master’s in Renewable Energy

UPC: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya ·Barcelona Tech


Rafael Solís Hernández, as senior communications manager for EDP Renewables, knows what it takes to make it in today’s marketplace. He’s seen the changes over the last years and acknowledges that the game has changed. The players need to adapt to the global reality we now live in. He shares how a Master’s from InnoEnergy prepares students to meet these challenges.


Can you briefly describe what your company is doing?
With presence in 12 markets worldwide, EDP Renewables is the third wind energy player globally, and it is opening its portfolio to solar PV projects in different geographies. It is also part of a broader group, EDP, Portugal’s largest industrial corporation and one of Europe’s primary energy companies.
What challenges in sustainable energy do you see in the coming years?
RES are not only the future, but also the present. Wind and solar PV are the most competitive source of energy nowadays, thus the challenge for the years to come is to create the right policies in the different states – so that these types of technologies can keep growing. This will not only allow those countries to be more competitive, but also will allow them to achieve international protocols such as COP 21.
What type of people are you looking for to help meet these challenges?
The global world that today’s professionals meet is much more complex than twenty or thirty years ago. Today, it is not only necessary to course a degree; but to also know how to speak in several languages and possess those soft skills that allow them interact effectively in this International business world. Professionals need to be creative in order to face the global industry situations that they will find in this global reality that we now live in.
How is EDP involved with InnoEnergy’s Master programmes and its students?
We have developed several business cases, what InnoEnergy calls “Engineering & Business Cases” (E&BC). In these classes, students can experience real-life industry issues and situations with the guidance of real industry professionals. They learn by doing. In our opinion this is the best way to prepare for the employment market that they are going to meet.
As an employer, what benefits do you believe an InnoEnergy Master’s degree gives the students – this combining of engineering education with business and entrepreneurship skills?
From my point of view, it is very common to see engineers working in so many different fields nowadays. From designing, through calculation of structures, construction management or simple management. The job market is tough, that is why in Spain so many young people are starting their own companies. This is why a holistic education is needed – one that covers all areas of technical knowledge as well as actual business creation skills – it’s a must for engineers now. They will need practical skills and to know how to work in a multi-cultural environment. And this is exactly what InnoEnergy Master’s School provides them with.
How would you describe the students that you’ve engaged with?
Students at InnoEnergy’s Master´s programmes are a mix of international, well prepared people that – without any doubt – will be a strong force in the marketplace in the following years. They are well prepared in terms of theory, they are able to speak several languages and they have those ever-important soft skills to effectively work in and solve complex business situations. I am excited to see what they will do!