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This is my chance to make a change

Sunay Gupta, Master’s in Renewable Energy

Sunay Gupta


Master’s in Renewable Energy

KTH Royal Institute of Technology


MSc RENE student, Sunay Gupta, is an idealist and a realist. His passion to create a positive change drives him, while his feet are firmly grounded knowing that these renewable energy ideas need to be effectively delivered to the marketplace. This mix of knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship is what brought him here to InnoEnergy Master’s School.


Why did you choose the MSc Rene programme?
I am passionate about renewable energy but I’m also very business-oriented. The RENE program offers me solid technical expertise and then knowledge how to actually apply it in the industry. This is very different from conventional master programmes, which focus more on the laboratory based research work. I want to learn to design, develop and then deliver ideas to the marketplace.
Why are you interested in sustainable energy? Do you have a specific passion within this field?
I believe that it’s possible to create a positive change in this world, especially in developing countries through renewable energy. It is this field that makes me feel satisfied everyday about my work – which is not something that everyone can say – and hope that it continues to do in future. I am passionate about decentralized electricity generation to provide electricity in off-grid areas in developing countries.
Is there any special project or a degree thesis that you are working on at the moment – or have worked on before?
Yes, several interesting ones during this master programme. Right now I am working with my Swedish friend on a cleantech initiative to provide an affordable and accessible phone charging solution in Tanzania. Our initiative received support from KTH Innovation – which is funded by the Swedish government. I’m really proud of what we’re doing. And then during my thesis, I am going to work as a Renewable Energy Strategy Market Analyst for EDF in Paris, one of the InnoEnergy industry partners. I’m really excited! They are the world’s biggest electricity provider… so it’s going to be very interesting to work there – and will give me invaluable insight into how these big companies work.
How do you find the integration of business and entrepreneurship in the programme?
It matches perfectly with what I wanted in my master’s programme. The training in management and innovation – but also business and entrepreneurship are very important elements. These connect you with the real world. They prepare you, both skill-wise and mentally, to find viable business solutions to tackle the energy problems of the future. This is also where you really develop that perfect mix of hard and soft skills needed to succeed.
In what way, do you believe your 2 years at InnoEnergy Master’s School will contribute to your professional career?
A lot! It’s giving me an opportunity to study cutting edge renewable energy courses at top universities in Europe – with access to in-depth industrial knowledge through a large network of research centres. Moreover, this immense exposure and skills on adapting to cultural diversity through my international travel and lifestyle – this benefits are immeasurable. That’s not something that’s learned in a textbook. That’s real-life. Without any doubt, I can say my experiences here are going to help me a lot in the future. I really made the right decision when I chose this programme. I wanted to make a change and now I have a chance to do that.